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For now, T-Shirts and a Set of Preserved Specimens (with explanatory booklet). I'm also on the lookout for edible insect posters.

As for the future, I'm looking into what would be involved with becoming an importer of processed insects. If anyone reading this has any kind of experience in such matters, I'd appreciate any advice.

This is the Sunrise Land Shrimp Collection of Edible Insects, a valuable teaching tool that includes eight specimens preserved in ethyl alcohol, thereby surpassing two-dimensional pictures and text. The collection encompasses both easily obtainable domestic species and foreign items, specifically Thai, but Southeast Asian in general. The collection includes a booklet full of interesting background information on the specimens.

As is listed prominently on the box and in the booklet, these specimens themselves are not edible, because of the fluid in which they are stored.

More coming! Kitchen tiles!! Stickers!!


Edible Insect Programs:

'Column A': The Edible Insect Talk
Dave will come to you and give an interactive talk about the edibility of insects, including geography, anthropology, nutrition, cultural biases, and a Q+A with the audience.
'Column B': The Edible Insect Tasting
Dave will come with stuff to eat! You can choose from a couple of options.
'Column C': Catering
Want to have party foods that people will be talking about for the rest of their lives?? Hey, it's a simple way to gain immortality! Become a legend in your own time by working with Dave to craft the perfect party snacks, or even full-course mini-banquet. It's really not that hard.
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