This is the new home of Dave's effort to start something long overdue:
the popularization of entomophagy in the United States and beyond. online fx trading
  What We're Doing:  

This website is about edible insects, but it's also about inviting people to open their minds and have some fun. Lots of folks have a psychological block about eating insects, and while that's their right, a whole new world of taste sensations is waiting. And by the way, eating insects is a lot better for the planet, so there's that to think of too.

Since most of humanity has eaten insects for most of our history on the planet, NOT eating insects is more unusual than eating them. And here you thought it was the other way around.

  And why:  

On April 23rd, 1999, David Gracer received a rather unusual birthday present from a good friend. He was presented with some novelty snacks called Larvets. The snacks were actually flavored mealworms.

Gracer who been looking to try many exotic and bizarre foods, said he wasn’t impressed by the snacks. bitcoin market hong kong

“They really weren’t tasty. But I liked the feeling of eating something different,” he added.

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